Vivint Home Security Reviews

Vivint is an integrative home automation, security, and service provider. Qualified technicians install all hardware, which is backed up by 24/7 technical support for the customer. Each system is customized to your individual needs, and is perfectly tailored to ensure a seamless link between comfort and security. Hassle-free, modernly convenient features work effortlessly with a home’s existing technology to create the ideal environment in an affordable fashion.

The heart of the system is Vivint’s touchscreen panel, the SkyControl hub. It is from this panel that the homeowner can control each connected smart device in one central location. With recognition from industry journals, Vivint is making a name for itself as the premiere customer experience when it comes to home integration, automation, and security. These groundbreaking ideas are made possible through smart solutions and widely heralded customer service standards.


Although it sounds complex, Vivint’s goal is to create a simple, reliable service for its customers. Along with the ability to function with previously purchased smart devices, Vivint also offers a wide array of products optimized for system performance. These include: cameras, thermostats, smart locks, and smart garage controls. These are all centrally controlled with the revolutionary SkyControl touchscreen panel, and are integrated into the mobile app. There is also a hands-free voice control feature with SkyControl, which also allows you to communicate with visitors at your door, your friendly 24/7 monitoring agent, and your family within your home. The 7-inch touchscreen display is adorned with an elegant user interface creating an intuitive experience. A battery backup prevents system loss during a power outage. Vivint is also controlled by a cutting-edge, award-winning smart phone app.

System Products and Services


All Vivint installations begin with a free 1-on-1 consultation. During this visit, a smart home pro will discuss your options and help you create your dream smart home. Once you’ve decided which components work best for you, Vivint’s certified smart home experts will install the system professionally with high attention to detail and precision. Once the system is installed, enjoy the peace of mind associated with 24/7 monitoring which will provide support 24/7/365!


  • Vivint Starter Kit for $549 includes a touchscreen Vivint SkyControl panel and a choice of six smart sensors, e.g., door/window, motion, glass break, flood/freeze, smoke, carbon monoxide.
  • You can add products a la carte (e.g., smart door locks, thermostats, indoor and outdoor cameras, doorbell camera, voice control through Amazon Echo) and pay for them upfront or with a zero-percent interest loan.
  • Installation: one-time cost of $198
  • Separate monthly service plans: $39.99 for Smart Home or $49.99 for Smart Home Video.
  • No-contract option available.

Vivint Smart Home Devices

For users who own an Amazon Echo, Vivint allows the device to integrate with the system for total voice control. Your Echo will be able to respond to voice commands for each smart device in your home through Vivint’s system. This allows the user to not only control their smart home through their Echo, but also enjoy all of the features that make the Echo a great product, such as music, news, and access to Amazon product.

The Vivint system will work with your Nest thermostat, which will also work with your Amazon Echo. Along with being compatible with the Nest, Vivint also features its own thermostat called the Element: a sleek, contemporary device, which is designed specifically for the Vivint system. Its minimal design is specifically engineered to blend with any home interior. This thermostat can be controlled by our 4.5-star mobile app, your Amazon Echo, the SkyControl panel, and of course, the device itself. The user can also set up notifications for when the Element self-adjusts to the user’s preferred settings. The Element also features a humidity sensor to provide optimal indoor air quality to further enhance one’s environment.

To optimize your lighting and power usage, Vivint’s highly regarded home management system is compatible with Philips Hue. Philips Hue allows the user to fully customize an automated lighting schedule. The system includes high-efficiency, long-life LED light bulbs. Like the other features mentioned, this can be controlled through your smart phone app. The app can be used to turn lights on and off, as well as to dim them to your preferred brightness. What’s really fascinating about this feature is the ability to create lighting groups, allowing the user to coordinate a lighting plan that can include several rooms, floors, or the entire home. These groups, and individual lights can be scheduled to turn on and off at specific times whether you are home or not! This system also responds to voice control, which makes it a futuristic way to optimize your home’s lighting usage and efficiency.

Vivint Home Security Equipment

Along with comfort and efficiency products, Vivint also offers a variety of home security devices. These products include burglary detection, smart locks, and garage door controls. The combination of these elements will provide the user with peace of mind. In addition to these features, Vivint also offers 24/7 monitoring, which will notify the user of any intrusions or irregularities whether they are home or not.

For burglary detection, Vivint offers glass break detection, which is a wireless sensor that will sound an alarm and alert the monitoring service if a burglar tries to enter through a window. They also offer unauthorized entry detection, which includes several devices: motion, door, and window sensors. The motion sensor will activate if there is any movement in a room when the system is armed. The door and window sensors will activate when a door or window is opened when the system is armed. All of these actions will, of course, report to Vivint Live, which will aid the user in contacting emergency services. Vivint Live also features the ability to have a conversation with a monitoring specialist through the SkyControl panel.

Vivint’s smart locks provide a completely secure way to protect your home against unauthorized entry. They do this through using state-of-the-art secure technology. Vivint’s mobile app allows the user to operate the smart lock through their mobile device from within the home or remotely. You can lock and unlock your front door from just about anywhere! The mobile app also provides alerts to let the user know when the lock has been operated, which provides the user with very valuable information should that entry be unauthorized. When paired with a Vivint camera, the user can see who is ringing their doorbell, and allow or disallow entry remotely. These features are also available for your garage door, so you never have to worry that you’ve left your garage door open again!

Vivint Home Security Cameras

In addition to preventing intrusion, Vivint also provides an extra level of security through cameras that can be placed strategically inside, and outside of your home. These cameras are like a window to your home from wherever you may be. The mobile app allows the user to view what might be happening inside our outside their home at any given moment. Along with the live view, there is also a DVR that will record events that occur should the user need to review such events.

Vivint’s outdoor cameras feature a crisp, HD image of the home. The True Night Vision feature is an infrared LED array, which captures a clear image in darkness for total 24/7 security. Any movement detected by the camera triggers the DVR to store a 20 second clip of the motion event. These recordings, as well as the live view, can be accessed from your Vivint mobile app. The ability to monitor activity outside of your home at any given time in the past or present provides the serenity of knowing.

Along with the security of the outdoor camera, Vivint’s Ping indoor camera includes communication to streamline your in-home experience. These communication features include two-way talk: the ability to reach out to your family at home through the mobile app, and one-touch call out: their ability to contact you through the mobile app while you’re away. The images are captured through a wide-angle HD lens to ensure high resolution so you don’t miss a thing. The Ping camera also features infrared night vision so there is a 24/7 sense of security. The user can save up to 30 days of continuous indoor camera usage, and receive custom notifications when there is a motion event within the camera’s view.

To complete your home security system, Vivint’s front door camera allows the user to see any visitors, wanted or unwanted who approach their front door. When a person approaches the door and activates the doorbell, the user can see them via the camera, and communicate with them to determine whether they would like to permit their guest to enter. Like the indoor and outdoor cameras, the front door camera features night vision, so that there is no mistaking who might be there at any time. The wide-angle lens provides a 180-degree view of the entire doorstep landscape to ensure that each visitor must enter its view. Smart visitor detection can discern people from other entities so that the user doesn’t receive a notification (which are fully customized alerts they can receive on their mobile device when a visitor arrives) when a car passes by. Vivint Playback records 24/7 video for up to 4 cameras for 30 days, and can be viewed in 30-second increments on Vivint Smart Clips.

The Vivint DVR playback is where your camera events and images are recorded and stored. Playback service includes a Vivint Smart Drive, which will allow the user to store 1 TB of video at a low cost. Event markers simplify your video search by placing markers on the timeline when cameras detect motion. Playback fully integrates with your smart home, so recordings can be viewed on your smart phone app or your SkyControl panel.

What We Like

  • Amazon Echo voice-control compatibility.
  • Vivint gives its customers the ability to integrate a wide variety of smart home devices into their system.
  • The SkyControl panel allows customers to directly connect to a Vivint rep in case of emergency.

What We Don’t Like

  • Minimal pricing information on website.
  • Unclear of what hardware is included with different services.
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