Uxari Home Security Review

When a homeowner is looking for a solution to integrate all systems of their home, a common brand’s products, Vitex, are often used to create an all-inclusive “smart home.” Vitex offers products in a wide-range of home automation spaces, including smart lighting, smart window shades, and smart home audio. To expand their offerings into the smart home security sector, Vitex created Uxari, their home automation and security branch of the company.

By offering smart home security and automation through Uxari, Vitex is able to provide “a la carte” services to their customers. Regardless of the number of smart devices in the home, a single interface controls them all. Uxari gives homeowners the convenience and selection of a wide variety of smart home and automation products.


Uxari offers much more to its customers than smart home security devices. Aside from traditional security features like home security cameras and motion sensors, Uxari also offers smart door locks, energy saving devices like thermostats, motorized shades, and smart garage door openers. Uxari systems are controlled through a 7-inch touchscreen device, called the Go!Control 3. The control panel device allows users to activate or deactivate their security system with one touch, access a 5-day weather forecast, and control each individual system on the fly. For home security control on the go, Uxari offers a smartphone app, powered by Alarm.com, that allows customers to control their system from anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi or mobile data connectivity.

Uxari’s plans allow customers to create a customized smart home package that meets their needs, without having to deal with unwanted hardware or monitoring. With reasonable activation fees and zero equipment fees, each level of service from Uxari remains in an affordable range, from $30-$60 per month. Each Uxari service contract comes with a 30-day trial period, where customers are able to return the products if they are not satisfied, without penalty for breaking the standard 3-year contract.


Uxari’s smart home security services are priced from $29.99 for the entry level Home Product Kit, to $39.99 for the Home Connect Kit, to $69.99 for their Home Complete Kit.  Each standard Uxari product kit comes with a control panel, 2 sensors, and a motion detector. The top-end Home Connect Kit comes with 3 additonal sensors, a smart thermostat, a smart door lock and doorbell, and one portable camera. Across all 3 kits, Uxari does not charge its customers for equipment, but does require customers to enter into a 3-year contract. Each Uxari package includes 24/7 professional monitoring via cellular connection.

To allow their customers to upgrade or add specific devices to their smart home package, Uxari utilizes a point system to add new features to the existing coverage. For example, to add an additional sensor, a customer will require 2 points, which roughly equates to $40, or $20 per point.

The Home Product and Home Connect Kits unfortunately are not compatible out of the box with home automation devices, but Uxari allows it’s customers to pay an additional $5/month to add access to smart devices like thermostats or door locks to the Go!Control dashboard. For an additional $5/month, Uxari users are able to take advantage of 1TB of cloud storage for video captured on their Uxari home security systems.

Currently, Uxari home security services are available in all 50 US states as a self-installed system. The only areas where Uxari has on-the-ground technicians available for installation and troubleshooting are Southwest Florida (Naples/Ft. Myers), Southeast Florida (Pompano Beach area), and Greater Tampa Bay (Tampa/Bradenton).

Uxari Equipment & Features

Thanks in part to it’s affiliation with home automation giant Vitex, Uxari’s product offering is quite expansive, offering devices for both home security and home automation. Similar to other smart home security services, Uxari integrates a variety of 3rd party products from major manufacturers like SkyBell, Alarm.com, and Amazon Alexa.

Uxari Home Security Equipment

Go!Control3 7’ Touch Screen Dashboard – This impressive LCD dashboard acts as a central hub for all wireless sensors synced with your home security system. With one touch arm/disarm capabilities, as well as a 5-day weather forecast feed and 24-hour back up battery, the Go!Control3 dashboard is one of the more impressive smart home security controls on the market. The 7’ version comes standard with Uxari’s Home Connect Kit. There is also a 4’ touch screen dashboard that Uxari provides to customers with the Home Product or Home Complete Kits.

Wireless Sensors -A major selling point of Uxari’s home security systems is the ease of installation. Each of the 9 types of wireless sensors offered by Uxari are simple to set up and sync wit the system’s dashboard. The smaller sensors seem to have an adhesive backing, allowing for “stick-it-and-forget-it” mounting for window and door sensors. When using the Uxari mobile app, users will receive text alerts if any of the sensors throughout the home are triggered. The extensive selection of wireless sensors from Uxari includes:

  • Wireless Sensor Surface
  • Motion Sensor
  • Glass Break Sensor
  • Wireless Garage Door Sensor
  • Wireless Sensor Recessed
  • Wireless Sensor Fire
  • Wireless Flood Sensor
  • Wireless Smoke & Heat Sensor
  • Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Z-Wave

Uxari Home Security Cameras

Wireless Doorbell Camera – A staple in most smart homes, Uxari’s smart doorbell gives users the ability to answer their door from their mobile device, regardless if they’re at home or out and about. Each doorbell camera features 2-way communication and built-in motion activation, so you can thank the mailman for bringing your package to the door, or shoo away door-to-door salesmen. Uxari provides their Home Connect Kit customers with the SkyBell HD, which regularly retails for $199.99.

Wireless Portable Camera – This “use-anywhere” camera lets customers see, hear, and talk into their home at any point in time through the Uxari app. This camera, from Alarm.com, features 1080p HD recorded and live video, allowing for crystal clear footage from the inside of your home. Additional features include smart clips, 20-second clips that automatically record when motion is detected, infrared night vision, and text motion alerts. Homes with multiple cameras can views live feeds from multiple cameras at once on a single screen by using their dashboard or Uxari mobile app.

Wireless Outdoor Camera– Another Alarm.com produced product, the Wireless Outdoor Camera is designed to withstand the elements while providing full HD video, day or night. Uxari’s outdoor home security camera also features smart clip recording, text notifications, and infrared night vision, similar to the indoor portable camera. The Wireless Outdoor Camera comes with a 16’ power cord, allowing homeowners to install the camera with the line of vision that best protects their home.

Wireless Motion Camera- For parts of the home that are less travelled; the Wireless Motion Camera is the perfect addition to a smart home security system. Instead of capturing video, this small, battery-powered, camera will take still photos when motion is detected. Each time an image is captured, the customer will receive the image in a text or email alert, and are also viewable through the Uxari mobile app.

Uxari Home Automation Equipment

Smart Thermostat-Let your home learn when you’re home or not, and adjust the temperature accordingly to save you money! Through the Uxari app, customers are able to easily set their thermostat, create schedules and preferences, and even set up preset thermostat settings for different events like sleeping, vacations, or workdays. Uxari’s Smart Thermostat also features Geofencing, so when you are within 1 mile of your home, the thermostat will kick on and begin warming or cooling your home to your preset temperature.

Smart Lock -Uxari offers the Schlage Connect Smart Lock to it’s customers as an add-on to their smart home security and automation system. With the Schlage Connect, users no longer need to scramble for a door key with it’s easy-to-use backlit keypad. When synced with the Uxari mobile app, Uxari customers are able to lock and unlock their door, and also can receive text alerts each time the door is opened or closed. Paired with the Wireless Doorbell Camera, the Smart Lock allows you to invite guests into your home without leaving the couch!

Garage Control -For those of us who use the garage door as the main point of entry in the home, it’s all too common to forget to close the garage door or have an item shift that prohibits the door from closing all the way. Uxari’s Garage Door from GoControl allows customers to monitor garage door status, as well as open and close the garage doors, through the Uxari mobile app. Users can also set up alerts to notify them if the garage door has been open for longer than 10 minutes.

What We Like

  • DIY install option allows us to set up the system on our own time. No waiting to schedule an appointment with a tech.
  • Wide variety of sensors available to cover an entire home.
  • Amazon Alexa voice-control is available.
  • 7″ dashboard was crystal-clear and easy to use.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Website doesn’t give enough information on each product or the monitoring that the company provides.
  • Limited selection of cameras that can be used on the Uxari system.
  • Technicians available in limited markets in Florida.
  • Pricing out a custom package can be confusing and difficult to understand.
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