Frontpoint Home Security Review

When it comes to home security, Frontpoint continues to find it’s self at the top of the list year after year. What sets Frontpoint above the rest is their time-tested reliability across their entire home security product line. While still considered a DIY home security system, Frontpoint’s level of service compares to that of full service security providers like ADT and Vivint. While the smart home product integrations are limited, Frontpoint is controllable by voice, via Amazon Alexa or Google Echo devices. Homeowners and business owners choose Frontpoint for their comprehensive security and monitoring services and highly regarded customer service.


Frontpoint Home Security is a leader in the DIY home security space. Each of the levels of monitoring and product they offer are professional-quality, but for a reasonable monthly fee. With 3 tiered service levels and 3 tiered product offerings, Frontpoint aims to have a home security package for everyone, ranging from apartment-dwellers, to homeowners, to business owners with multiple locations.

One area where Frontpoint excels is in its comprehensive installation guide. When a customer receives their equipment, they’re prompted to a URL that activates a “set-up wizard” of sorts. As each device is added, the customer will be able to confirm that it is connected and synced with the system through their browser. During initial set up, customers are also able to set up automation rules if their Frontpoint system is also support smart home devices.

Frontpoint offers it’s customers enough of a variety of home security devices to provide ample coverage of your home, but techies looking for a selection of products to add to their smart home platform, Frontpoint is not the home security provider to choose. While Alexa and Echo voice-controls are compatible with Frontpoint, the devices, along with other compatible smart-devices such as light controls and thermostats, must be purchased separately from the existing tiered equipment packages.

Services & Costs

Frontpoint’s monitoring packages were created with the needs of the average homeowner or small business owner in mind. Customers of Frontpoint are given the option of 3 levels of monitoring plans and three customizable levels of hardware packages.

Monitoring plans begin at $34.99 per month and increase up to $49.99 per month. The Protection monitoring package, Frontpoint’s entry-level monitoring service, is $34.99 per month, and includes 24/7 monitoring of intrusion, life safety, fire, water, and freeze alerts. The next level of monitoring is the Interactive plan, which costs $44.99 monthly. This tier provides all of the Protection plan’s monitoring services, but also includes support for lighting controls, crash and smash protection, image sensors, geo-location services, email and text alerts, and system remote control via mobile device. For customers who are looking for a fully integrated smart home service, the Ultimate plan, which runs $49.99 per month, allows customers to access live feeds from cameras, control thermostats, receive motion-activated video recordings, and control door locks.

Once a monitoring package has been selected, customers then select which of the three hardware packages they would like to add to their home security bundle. The base hardware package, called the Pro package, includes a keypad control panel, a motion sensor, three door/window sensors, one glass break sensor, and one keychain remote. The Pro package costs $199.99 for customers who sign a 3-year agreement with Frontpoint. For those who choose a one-year contract, the price of the Secure package increases to $509. The Pro Plus hardware package includes all of the same keypad control panel and glass break sensors as the Pro package, but also includes 2 additional door/window sensors, for a total of 5, and a smoke/heat sensor. The Secure Plus package is $349.99 with a 3-year contract, and $673 with a one-year contract. The top tier of Frontpoint’s equipment packages is the Pro Cam package. This package includes an upgraded, 7-inch touch-screen control panel, 5 door/window sensors, 2 motion sensors, an indoor camera, and a doorbell camera. The Pro Cam package will costs $599 when a 3-year agreement is signed, or $972 with a one-year contract. Frontpoint also offers a selection of Z-Wave devices for home security, and is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Echo, and SkyBell smart doorbell.

Frontpoint is a DIY home security system, which means there are no available technicians to come to your home to install the system. By using web-based instructions and personalized codes that come with each equipment bundle, Frontpoint aims to make installation and synchronizing of their home security system a breeze. Each sensor is pre-paired and labeled before shipping and contain detailed instructions on how to properly place and install each sensor. During initial set up, customers are able to set their master disarm password, automation rules, and image sensor sensitivities.

Frontpoint Equipment & Features

Frontpoint’s wide variety of home security and automation products can seem overwhelming to someone new to the smart home security space. Outside of the 3 equipment packages that Frontpoint offers, there is a selection of additional add-on products that allow customers to create a fully comprehensive security solution for their home.

Frontpoint Home Security Equipment

7-Inch Touchscreen Control Panel – Frontpoint offers an impressive control panel to their Pro Cam customers. The 7” displayed powered by Android gives Frontpoint customers the ability to arm/disarm their systems with a tap of a button, stay up to date on the weather, view live camera feeds from around their home, and monitor sensors. This hi-tech control panel is quite popular across the home security industry, and is used by LiveWatch as their high-end control panel as well.

Keypad Panel – The keypad panel is the control center for Frontpoint customers with the Pro or Pro Plus equipment packages. It features a backlit keypad for easy use in the dark, and also comes with visual and voice feedback to ensure that you know when your alarm is armed or unarmed. Frontpoint’s keypad panel also features a built-in backup battery in the event of a power outage.

Motion Sensor –  Frontpoint’s motion sensor device utilizes infrared motion detection to trigger alerts that can easily be accessed by customers by using their control panel or mobile app. Each motion detector is easy to mount on a wall or place on a shelf, and utilizes wireless signal to transmit sensor triggers to the system.

Door/Window Sensors – Each door/window sensor that comes with your Frontpoint home security system is designed to trigger an alert when a door or window is opened or closed. When the two magnets in the sensor break their current, an alert is sent wirelessly to the control panel and mobile app, allows homeowners to know when someone is coming or going.

Glass Break Sensor – Would-be home burglars don’t always take the front door. Glass break sensors add an additional level of protection to your home by “listening” for broken glass. The glass break sensor is triggered acoustically by the sound of breaking glass, allowing each device to monitor multiple windows at once.

Keychain Remote – As you head out the door each morning, Frontpoint’s keychain remote gives you the ease of arming your system just as easily as you unlock your car each morning. The keychain remote also allows customers to control various features throughout the home, such as light control or garage doors.

Frontpoint Home Security Cameras

Indoor Camera – Having a visual of your home when you’re not in it is one of the major advantages to having a smart home security system like Frontpoint. The indoor camera allows customers to access a live stream from each camera that is added to their system at any moment in time. 2-way audio features allow parents to remind their kids to start their homework when they get home, or let an intruder know that they’re on camera.

Doorbell Camera – Monitoring traffic at our home’s front door is something that is often overlooked, but with the popularity of services like Amazon, more and more thieves are turning to front porches to score. Frontpoint’s doorbell camera lets customers see, hear, and communicate with visitors at their front door, thanks to the cameras 2-way audio features and motion-detecting camera.

Outdoor Camera – A comprehensive home security system doesn’t just stop at the front door. By installing outdoor cameras from Frontpoint around the exterior of the home, customers can have 24/7 access to a feed from the outside of their home, regardless of weather or light conditions.

Frontpoint Home Monitoring Equipment

Smoke/Heat Sensor – Frontpoint’s smoke/heat sensor is the smoke detector of the future. Not only does the smoke/heat sensor have an audible siren to alert occupants of an emergency, but it will also wirelessly transmit the signal to your Frontpoint control panel and trigger the monitoring team to alert the local fire department.

Garage Door Sensor-  Never worry about forgetting to close your garage door again with Frontpoint’s garage door sensor. When used in conjunction with the Interactive monitoring plan, customers can receive text notifications if their door is left open.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor –  This device will wirelessly send alerts to the Frontpoint control panel, alerting homeowners of an unsafe level of carbon monoxide.

Flood Sensor – Detecting a leak early is the key to preventing additional water damage. Frontpoint’s flood sensor will wirelessly transmit an alert at the detection of moisture, to the control panel and the Frontpoint mobile app.

Frontpoint Home Automation Equipment

Smart Lock – No more struggling with your keys when the Smart Lock from Frontpoint is installed. Instead of using a traditional key, the smart lock uses a short numeric code to unlock the door from the outside.

What We Like

  • Comprehensive tiers of monitoring and equipment make it very clear what comes with each package.
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Echo voice-control integration
  • Equipment pre-paired, making for easy installation

What We Didn’t Like

  • Highest prices across the DIY home security industry
  • Small selection of add-on home security and smart home devices
  • 1 year contract prices are astronomically high
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