7 Options for Home Motion Detectors

A well-tuned home security system features lights, sensors, and cameras that surround the property and provide coverage, both inside and outside. Motion detectors give homeowners the security of having a dark area of their home lit up as they move into the area, as well as lighting up a space when someone, or something, that isn’t supposed to be in the area moves by. Check out these recommendations for a variety of home motion detectors that can be integrated into your home security system.

Maxsa Innovations Motion Action LED

The Maxsa Innovations Motion Action LED Security spotlight is a solar-powered solution for your home or business’s safety. This device is self-contained, which makes for an easy installation. No need to call an electrician or deal with complicated wiring schemes; all you need is a screwdriver and a few minutes! Don’t let the fact that this is a solar-power device, it’s output is a bright 160 lumens, more than enough to deter any would-be intruders from trespassing in your safe place. The Maxsa Innovations Motion Action LED Security Spotlight can be installed in the most convenient location for your security in a matter of minutes. Its compact size will allow you to fit it anywhere at 8” long, 7.5” wide and 8.5” tall.

Frostfire Bright LED Wireless Motion Sensor Light

For the security of your home or office, Frostfire presents the Bright LED Wireless Motion Sensor Light. Its sleek design will catch more than your eye, it will help you prevent any uninvited guests from entering your home or business! Once the sensor is triggered, 16 bright LEDs will shine their safety on your property, protecting your loved ones and valued items. Its powerful, perfect motion sensor can detect movement at 3 meters. It is solar-powered, which makes for an easy installation. Turn a few screws in the location of your choice, and enjoy the peace of mind provided by the Frostfire Bright LED Wireless Motion Sensor.

First Alert Motion-Sensing Light Socket

Installing a motion-activated light inside of one’s home was a difficult task until First Alert brought us the motion-sensing light socket. Instead of hiring an electrician to install a motion sensor, First Alert gives us the opportunity to use our existing light socket, with an instillation as simple as screwing in a light bulb. This is a great product if you find yourself accidentally leaving your lights on in infrequently used spaces in your home. It’s an omni-directional sensor, which means it can detect motion from any direction. With eyes in the back of its head, it will even help protect your family or business if a stranger happens to cross its path. The First Alert Motion-Sensing Light Socket is the perfect solution for motion-activated switching in your home or business!

Samsung SmartThings Hub

The SmartThings motion sensor is a device that connects with your Samsung SmartThings Hub for the security and automation of your home. This sensor will allow you to turn lights on and off as family members, or intruders enter and exit rooms in your home. It is designed to notify you whenever any of this movement is occurring, so it provides you with the comfort of knowing your home is protected, and your energy bills are reduced. This device is designed to work with many well-known brands in security, automation, and lighting. This makes the SmartThings motion sensor by Samsung is the perfect solution for your home.

1byOne Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm

Protect your home with ease with the 1byOne Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm. Featuring state-of-the art Passive Infrared technology, a sensor has an impressive maximum detection range of 26 feet, and can be placed up to 326 feet away from the receiver. The receiver is an easy-to-use device that can be customized with 3 separate alarm sound options. The system is entirely expandable, where one receiver can handle up to 50 sensors. If more are needed, additional receivers may be added. It is powered by either 3 C batteries or an AC adapter. Using both simultaneously is discouraged, it may cause a surge. With proper use, the 1byOne Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm is an easy and effective way to protect your home.

Z-Wave Easy Install Motion Detector

We all want to know when there’s an intruder in our home, and a motion detector is a great way to find out. Sometimes, however, our pets can trigger them, leading to nuisance false alarms. The Z-Wave Easy Install motion detector with Pet Immunity allows for animals of up to 55lbs to pass its detection range without triggering an alarm. Along with this important feature, it comes with both flush and corner-mount brackets, and it begins to learn to determine pets versus people within minutes after installing the batteries. Those batteries will last for five years, keeping your family safe with little concern. To make things even easier, it works with most brands of Z-wave and Z-wave plus security hubs. Home security has never been this easy.

Zooz Z-Wave Plus 4-in-1 Sensor

If you’re looking for a device that does it all, check out the Zooz Z-wave Plus 4 in One Sensor. Not only does it detect motion and light, but temperature and humidity as well! Help defend your home against intruders, and increase your personal comfort all with the intelligence of this device. The motion sensor can be set to 7 different levels of detection. Learn the temperature of your environment with an easy-to-red LED display. This product comes equipped with AES signal encryption and a new and improved 500 chip for enhanced wireless communication. Even though it is designed for easy instillation, there is built-in tamper protection. With easy Z-wave connectivity, a one-year warranty, 4 fantastic features, and a 100 foot range, the best option in Z-wave sensors is from Zooz!

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