7 Worst Cities for Car Break-Ins

Safety is one of the things we find most important in almost all of our decisions. When we’re buying a house we look at what the neighborhood is like. We buy home security systems and other protections to keep it safe. We make sure our cars have good crash ratings before we buy them. We lock our doors and keep our private information hidden. We take so many daily steps to stay safe and to keep our stuff safe.

What’s scary, though, is when we leave our cars unattended. Sure we can lock the doors and have an alarm but it is so easy to break into a car. We’ve created a list of the 7 most dangerous cities for car break-ins. These cities have the most car break-ins per 100,000 people, making them the most likely places that your car will get broken into!

7. Fresno, California


Fresno offers a car theft rate of 491.5 per 100,000 people. That slaps them as a solid 7th on our list. Fresno is a popular tourist destination and sits at the base of Yosemite National Park. People often leave their car for long periods of time to see the sights so it’s an easy target!

6. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee is known for its breweries and sports team like the Brewers and Bucks — it’s also the largest city in Wisconsin. It also comes in at number 6 on our countdown with a car theft rate of 539.4 per 100,000. Unfortunately, it also carries one of the highest violent crime rates in the country.

5. Seattle, Washington

The home to the tech industry, the Seattle metro area has a rate of 552.04 car thefts per 100,000 people. There are lots to explore in the city so there’s a lot of walking around. That means you’ve got to leave your car unprotected in a parking garage or lot. While you’re walking around the city and brushing shoulders with tech giants from Microsoft and Amazon, drinking coffee from Starbucks and visiting the Space Needle, criminals are looking to break into your car and steal your valuables!

4. Stockton, California

Stockton was close to Seattle, but it edged it out just barely. It has a car theft rate of 559 per 100,000. It’s the 63rd largest city in the United States but also has one of the highest violent crime rates in the U.S., as well as obviously checking in at #4 on this list.

3. Bakersfield, California

From Southern California, Bakersfield comes in at number three. They have a car theft rate of 603.9, being the first city on the list to break over the 600 rate. Bakersfield is almost equal distance to all of California’s major cities, making it a major hub for travel. When criminals are more familiar to the city than you are, you always have to be careful!

2. San Francisco, California

The largest metro area on the list and one of the most well known cities in the world, San Francisco comes in as the second worst city for car theft. It has a car theft rate of 631.7. Not surprisingly, San Francisco also has one of the highest rates of personal property theft in the entire country. San Fran definitely is not the golden example of property safety!

1. Albuquerque, New Mexico

The most populous city in New Mexico and the city that popular show Breaking Bad was set in, Albuquerque checks in as the city with the most amount of car break-ins in the country. Albuquerque has a rate of 676.9 per 100,000. Most contribute a large part of this due to its proximity with the Mexican border and its reputation as a pass-through town.

There you have it, the 7 most dangerous cities for car break-ins. What do you think; does this change your opinion on any of the cities? More importantly, do you live in or near any of these metro areas?

What steps do you take to prevent your car from getting broken into? There are many different ways you can eliminate or reduce the risk of car break-ins. Hide or remove the valuables from your car, lock your doors and use a removable radio face to keep potential criminals from eyeing your car!

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