5 Common Questions Homeowners Ask about Home Security Systems

Your neighbor just experienced a break-in in their residence, and they’ve come to you feeling violated and afraid. In their shaken words, they mention their regret for not investing in proper security measures, and describe the feeling of remorse for not protecting their property and their family. Naturally, this gets you thinking about what you need to do in terms of your own home. There is so much information available regarding home security systems, and all its left you with is questions. Here, we will address five questions that are common among homeowners seeking that peace of mind.

Where Do I Begin?

One of the most common home security solutions is the alarm system. This involves installing contacts at various points of entry in one’s home that are connected to a control panel, which is controlled by a keypad or mobile device. The system is designed to not only alert your neighborhood that your home has been invaded by an unwanted guest, but it also is meant to serve as a warning to said “guest” that their presence is unwelcome. The loud noise emitted from these systems can be heard from quite a distance away, and will scare off those who are unwilling to deal with the consequences of their actions. This is a good first step in protecting yourself and your property.

What is the Best Protection Strategy Regarding an Home Security System?

The typical installation involves the placement of contacts on doors and first-floor windows. These contacts are there to send information to the panel regarding the status of these openings. If the system is armed, the contacts will send a signal back to the alarm panel to activate if these openings are breached. The result of this will be a loud siren that will activate after a pre-determined amount of time, or attempts at entering one’s secret code on the keypad. This type of system is most effective at securing the perimeter of the home.

What Measures Can I Take to Increase the Level of Security My Home Security System Provides Me?

If it’s within your budget, there are ways to protect more than just the perimeter of your home. Within the rooms of your house, motion detectors can be installed as an extra set of eyes. They will “see” any movement at all times, and will trigger the alarm if it is armed. This is an extra layer of security should an intruder find their way past the perimeter alarm. Although it is unlikely that will happen, without securing every opening in your home, it exists as a possibility. Motion detectors are a great addition to any home because of this added layer of protection.

There is also the option of what are called “Charlie Bars”. These are like contacts that protect sliding doors and basement windows. These devices either prevent the opening of a sliding door, or will breakaway from a horizontally oriented basement window, triggering the alarm siren. This is simply a way to further fortify your perimeter, and to make your home security system more complete. Obviously, the more complete the system is, the more effective it will be in preventing unwanted intruders from entering it without your permission.

What Else Can I Do to Protect My Home?

Aside from a complete and effective alarm system, one can invest in other measures that will serve to protect their home. One of the most common residential security measures is the motion light. This is a floodlight that will activate if someone passes in front of a motion detector. This serves to keep intruders at bay by removing the cover of darkness. By “lighting up” individuals who should not be on your property, they become not only easier to identify, but also cause neighbors who know your lights shouldn’t be on at that time to be alert.

There are also automated locking systems which pair well with cameras and telecom systems. The more advanced of these will provide an image of a person who is trying to enter your home, as well as audio if a button is depressed. Along with this potential video evidence, many homeowners are opting for camera systems that cover the entirety of their property, both inside and out. This is obviously a much more advanced approach, but it is the ideal option if it is within your budget.

How Much is a Home Security System Going to Cost?

The best way to figure this out is to simply explore your options. There are some available at a minimal cost, which can be installed by the homeowner with ease. There are very advanced systems that, while expensive, are the most effective. Most homeowners fall somewhere in between the realm of a budget system and an advanced one, so your best option is to get an estimate from a qualified security contractor.

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