3 Most Overlooked Points of Entry for a Break In

Each year, over 2,000,000 homes are broken into in the United States. The FBI’s crime analysis data estimates that there is one home burglary every 13 seconds. As a homeowner, there are certain precautions that you can take to safeguard your home from burglars. A home security system may deter burglars from ransacking your home, but it doesn’t prevent them from entering the home, whether it be through an open door or by forced entry. Here’s a rundown of some of the most vulnerable points in a home that homeowners don’t think about, and how to best secure them to add an additional level of protection to your home.

Front Door

When you think of a home burglary, most will think of an intricate entrance through a basement window or a crawlspace door. What most don’t realize, is that 1 out of every 3 burglaries use the front door as a point of entry.. Leaving a key under the mat or flowerpot makes entry a breeze, but many experienced burglars know exactly how to kick a door at its weakest point to enter.

To ensure that your front door is secure, consider upgrading the strike plate on your door to a heavy-duty version. This will prevent the lock from being kicked through the frame. In addition, adding a door alarm to your home security system will alert you every time someone goes in and out of the doorway.

Sliding Glass Doors

A sliding glass door that opens from a kitchen or bedroom to the backyard is a very common feature in homes across the country. These type of doors are also one of the most difficult to securely lock. Because most versions of sliding doors are on a track, there is only one side of the door that can be secured to the frame. In many causes, homeowners leave those doors unlocked by mistake since they are not used regularly.

A dowel or steel sliding door lock that fits into the track of the door is a good first line of defense, but will only slow the would-be burglar down. Additional door alarms, as well as glass break sensors, will allow the homeowners to monitor these less-used doorways to ensure that if someone tries to enter one, that they are alerted immediately.

Garage Doors

For homes that have a garage, it can be one of the most useful spaces in the home. It makes entering and exiting the home a breeze (with the use of an automatic garage door), and is a great space to store larger items that don’t need to be brought into the home. The garage is also one of the most vulnerable points of entry to a home, and commonly stores very valuable items like bikes, golf clubs, and tools. Over 10% of home burglaries begin with entry through a garage.

Garage doors don’t often come with locks built in, and a common misconception is that an automatic garage door will be secure when it’s closed. There are a variety of garage door locks available on the market, but if you have a 2nd door that is not regularly used, a simple padlock can better secure the door. An easy way to add an additional level of security to your home is to ensure that any doors from the garage to the interior of the home remain locked. Tech savvy homeowners may find that installing smart locks and smart garage door openers will make lugging groceries or the kids into the house much easier.

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