10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a DIY Home Security System

Choosing the right home security system is tough! Especially when you’re choosing to go the DIY route with your system. Here are ten critical questions you should ask yourself before making any purchase!

1. “What is my Budget?”

This answer to this question determines the answer to the rest. What is your budget, what are you looking to spend on your home security system? Do some research and come up with a ballpark figure. Once you know that, the other questions will be much easier because you’ll know what you can fit under your budget!

2. “Do I Want a Hardwired or Wireless System?”

The next question is to decide whether you want a hardwired system or a wireless system. Hardwired systems require a bit more skill and are pricier but are generally safer and a bit more reliable. Wireless systems are much easier to install but a bit more vulnerable.

3. “How Many Devices are Needed in my System?”

Now you have to figure out what you want your system to consist of. Do you want alarms on every door and window? What about smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, motion detectors? Research and find out what components you want your system to consist of.

4. “What Type of Monitoring System Do I Want?”

You have to consider what type of monitoring you want for your system. Do you want to be the one monitoring your system through your phone? Do you want it connected directly to emergency services? Or will you pay a monthly fee for an alarm company to monitor it for you? Consider all options and choose which one fits best.

5. “Do Pets Work with my Features?”

If you have pets or plan on getting them, you can’t forget about them when choosing an alarm system! For example, if you get a motion detector, you need to make sure your pet won’t trigger it somehow. When going through these steps, remember the pets!

6. “Do I want a Smart Alarm?”

Do you want a smart alarm or a “dummy” alarm? A smart alarm will give you alerts over Wi-Fi so that you can always be connected. This is going to be a bit more costly but many people require this feature!

7. “What Features are Required?”

In line with choosing a smart alarm, you must decide what features you want. You know what components and what your system will be like, but what specific features will you need? How much customization are you going to need after you get it installed? Make sure you have all of your needs covered in your system!

8. “Do I Need Live Video?”

Are you the type of person that wants to “just check in” a lot? If so, you may require live video streams. You can log-in from your phone or laptop and get the feed from all of the cameras connected to your security system. To some, though, this feature is unnecessary and they simply prefer video being stored. Pick which is best for you and which fits in your budget!

9. “What Type of UI Do I Need on the Alarm?”

The user-interface is one of the most overlooked parts of a home security system. After all, you’re going to be the one using it! Make sure whatever type of user interface you end up with is one that you can use quickly and easily. You need to be comfortable operating your home security system!

10. “Should I Modify my Locks?”

Since you’re installing a home security system, you may want to upgrade your locks as well. If you choose a smart security system, you can install smart locks that you can operate hand-in-hand to your home security system. There are also locks and sensors that can work with your home security system to tell you when you’ve forgotten to unlock a door or someone breaks a lock.

Once you’ve asked yourself and answered these 10 questions, you’re going to be ready to purchase your DIY home security system! Make sure you do more research than you think you needed when you’re answering these questions. Getting the details right can be the difference in losing your valuables and prized goods in a home invasion and keeping them safe!

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